The Shooting in Las Vegas

(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

The below video by a psychologist on BBC news, goes deeply into the importance of validation of feelings after having experienced trauma. I’m posting it as it relates deeply to the principles of healing in OFT.
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While many of us when we were younger were never  shot at, we did have similar shocks to our innate innocence. Even when we are older there can be things that just don’t make sense that the intelligence in our body hides from us to keep us from being overwhelmed.

Most types of healing modality’s do not really reach the root cause because often there is a fundamental misunderstanding of what is needed. What is needed is the ability to discharge and complete the energy of shock and trauma that did not have validation  at the time.

I write more about this here, in fact the whole OFT web site is really an explanation of the healing principles behind OFT.


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