How to really change at the cellular level

Ever notice how your closest relationships can trigger certain movements of energy that feel very uncomfortable even life threatening?

These are real blessings if you have the courage to understand what is happening. Lets start with a simple understanding about the human nervous system.  Lets say you going about you daily routine and then suddenly something shocks you, like a loud noise for example. Your nervous system instantly reacts from the fight flight or freeze response, right after that initial reaction your cognitive brain comes online and you start to discharge the energy of the initial shock, you understand cognitively, “oh is was just a loud noise I’m not in danger” and the nervous system discharges that energy and you relax.

Now this is where it gets very interesting, most of us carry in-completed shocks in our physical body we can call them emotional charges if you like and they are contained right down at the cellular level. These are events or experiences where the nervous system did not have an opportunity to fully discharge the energy of fight, flight or freeze. This life force  became frozen in time, because there was not a natural discharging and completion of the energy.  This is not a bad thing in fact our body does this as a way to protect us..

As we go through life very often these things will get triggered, invariably they are triggered by others and also certain life experiences.  As we get older and  we mature life is always giving each of us opportunities to complete these experiences.

Without understanding this we can be very confused as to why we keep attracting slimier experiences into our life. Often people come to OFT because of this very reason

If your reading this and don;t have yet the opportunity to receive OFT. here are some suggestions. .

Release this energy by listening to your body and when something gets triggered in you, start to breath and bring much more consciousness into the body, do your best to feel the sensations and most importantly connect your  your awareness to the feelings in the body.

We all to often go right into our minds and make a judgment or belief about what is happening and this stops the completion process. In that moment we have to be conscious enough to just go with the sensation in the bod,y, that alone will start to release and complete the movement of life force..

Richard Rudd author of the Gene Keys says “Divine Will is complete Physical Relaxation” and what I have noticed with me is that this is an absolute truth. For me embodiment of consciousness in the physical body is really what being truly human is all about.

Its one thing to have a mental or even feeling concept of universal love its a totally different experience to know that with every cell of your body. Its why I’m so passionate about OFT  because you have the opportunity during OFT to deeply relax and allow these old traumas to complete and  for that that energy to completed and released back into your life.

I like to say there is so much life and light trapped in your uncompleted traumas.

Collective trauma
Now it starts to get very interesting when you realize that our human cells not only store our personal traumas but also collectively we hold our parents grandparents and  all the ancestral collective fears of humanity within us as well. As you mature as a human being you are seen by life as conduit to start to release and complete those for humanity as a whole. This is why many saints take on the collective so called “sins” of humankind.


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