What is Original Feeling Touch?

OFT – Original Feeling Touch

The key to healing lies in discharging and completing the hidden energy bound up in our nervous system and in trusting our body’s own natural ability to heal, even when relating to extreme events that were traumatic and  lie far back in the past, including soul memories. The body does not really live in linear time, so an event in our childhood feels  like its present today for the body especially if the energy of that event was not completed  and digested.
OFT was developed by Andrew Kenneth Fretwell for freeing the vital life force energies that are bound up in trauma, undigested  energetic charges. Human reactions to threat are instinctive and biological, and only later do they become psychological and cognitive.
This accounts why many people can have cognitive awareness therapy for years and years and understand everything that happened to them, but still not have completed the underlying charge stored in the nervous system and cells. It’s only when the energy has been released and completed at the physical level can we say real healing and change has taken place.
In all cases of Trauma there are three possible responses three innate survival strategies: The flight, fight and freeze (immobility) responses.
You can observe this very simply walking along a road with friend enjoying life when suddenly a loud bang happens right next to you, it’s the cars exhaust!…. but your body is reacting much faster than the cognitive awareness and most peoples body can freeze up and tighten and is ready to evade danger…..until you see there is no danger.  You then discharge the energy naturally, perhaps laughing nervously and/or your body shaking. This reaction is actually very healthy and can save your life much more effectively then the rational cognitive brain.

OFT essence touch  on the abdomen is always included in sessions but only after the nervous system has fully relaxed and entered the para-sympathetic healing state. This is taught in OFT Level 1

The OFT approach first consists of the deep relaxation of the body and a clear understanding of the 4 stages of healing/growth that every human being experiences.

The OFT touch is applied on the back, spine and the adrenal glands, to deeply relax the nervous system and create a deep feeling of saftey and trust in the receiver of OFT. It’s the core strength of the OFT approach, becoming so relaxed and safe that we allow ourselves to feel deeply during the OFT essence touch on the abdomen, without the minds involvement. OFT GOES TO THE ROOT OF ALL SYMPTOMS

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