What is OFT

OFT – Original Feeling Touch – is a holistic approach to therapeutic touch. It’s the result of many years of exploring and sensing the hidden dynamics of  real healing.
Real healing is defined as an understanding that symptoms are not something to just be repressed or ignored, whether a bodily symptom or an outer life symptom. These symptoms are ways the all intelligent life force uses to communicate information to our body/minds.
Most of the touch in  OFT  is applied on the spine and abdominal area. The navel is a particularly important place. At conception the first cell of the body is formed at the umbilicus, and every part of the body evolves in a spiral around this first cell. The navel is connected directly to every other part of the body, and by applying OFT to the navel we can affect the whole body.
OFT  is not about fixing or making better but about allowing a person to go deeper into themselves so that they can understand themselves and accept all of themselves. As you go deeper into yourself, you access deeper levels of energy and vitality that is waiting to be integrated into your life. People feel their full potential and many hidden abilities start to be accessed and expressed.
Even though the OFT practitioner intent is not to fix symptoms, ironically when the person receiving treatments access deeper inner levels within him or herself many symptoms are healed permanently because the information contained within them has been recognized and integrated in the ongoing treatment process.
Everyone’s experience of OFT  is very unique but many common elements are expressed,  like feeling safe, feeling accepted and not judged, feeling more centered in the body and more accepting of oneself. Almost everyone expresses that treatment effects are like  “coming home.”
Practically OFT consists of two parts;
backThe first part consists of the deep relaxation of the body. The OFT touch is applied on the back, the spine and the adrenal glands, relaxing the nervous system. It’s the core strength of the OFT approach, becoming so relaxed and safe that we allow ourselves to feel deeply. Often when receiving this part of OFT the breathing deepens and all the stress that has accumulated for years  will release.
handsLater on lying on your back, you receive gentle OFT touch to your belly, getting in touch with hidden emotional charges and old traumas. As we digest these feelings, a lightness and joy naturally arises spontaneously from our core self.
Healing  with OFT is an on-going journey. It’s the journey every human being lives even if we are aware of it or not. Everyone alive walks this journey.
As you walk this journey you bring forth more and more of your essence your individuation. Individuation refers to a process whereby the many different aspects of your life – your dreams – your relationships – your health – your finances – your spirituality – are brought together into an integrated harmony.
OFT is a journey of discovery, of unfolding what is inside of us. OFT is a reminder of what you have always known deep down in your being. In fact, OFT is “Touching the Essence of You” 

Original Feeling Touch is the result of 25 years’ experience of Andrew Kenneth Fretwell, a world renowned expert on holistic health. Andrew has literally experienced thousands of bodies under his hands, as well as training many professionals. His deep passion is to transmit all this wisdom in a simple way. He is continually refining his approach so anyone who learns can get the same life enhancing results. Visit www.andrewfretwell.com