Life supports us

The very first impulse of life is to breath  right after we are born.  The second is to receive nourishment/love from the mother. Hence OFT mirrors perfectly these two impulses of life.Enhance breathing and receive nourishment and connection.

Receiving a course of treatments of OFT is a unique experience. To receive the gentle but powerful touch of a trained OFT Guide or Teacher does much to bring about real lasting healing.

Real healing is defined as an understanding that symptoms are not something to just be repressed or ignored, whether a bodily symptom or an outer life symptom. These symptoms are ways the all intelligent life force, our deepest spirit uses to communicate information to our body/minds.

Most of the touch in OFT is done on the abdominal area. The navel is a particularly important place. At conception the first cell of the body is formed at the umbilicus, and every part of the body evolves in a spiral from this first cell. The navel is connected directly to every other part of the body, and by working on the navel we can affect the whole body.

OFT  is not about fixing or improving and it should not be confused with massage therapy. OFT facilitates a personal journey inwards for anyone receiving. It allows students to go deeper into and accept all of themselves. even the parts we would rather not acknowledge. The OFT Guide listens only to the information in the tissue and organs and makes no judgments about what is there.

Even though the OFT Guides intent is not to fix symptoms, ironically when the person receiving OFT access deeper inner levels within him or herself many symptoms are healed permanently because the information contained within them has been recognized and integrated in the ongoing treatment process.

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