Original Feeling Touch™ OFT

Even the loving touch of a mother, is not the Original Feeling Touch™

It’s been my deepest wish to transmit to people the way to touch, so healing happens spontaneously. I believe that the way Jesus healed in the bible is available to all of us.

On my own journey It took me many years to learn how to touch in a very gentle and unconditional way and I’m very sure I will always be on that journey, deepening and evolving and coming closer and closer to the Original Feeling Touch that Jesus used to heal

I had a simple question. Do students  have to take years and years to reach the same level of touch? That was my question, and I’m happy to say that life showed me the answer through two principles..

The Principle of Life Supporting Life

Imagine you’re in your mother womb, you’re surrounded by the amniotic fluid your being nourished by your mother’s blood, your absolutely held in that unconditional state of support and love. A state of unity that is a physical reminder of an even deeper spiritual state of oneness Now take on the perspective of the amniotic fluid, imagine that fluid is you, Do you imagine that the fluid is thinking “Oh let me hold this little baby and support it”. “Let me help this baby be better.”

No. The amniotic fluid is life supporting life, there is no sense of I’m doing anything and yet at the same time the amniotic fluid is perfect in its support of the growing life.

We all carry the memory of this original state of unity with our mother, with life. I call it Original Feeling. Every cell carries this memory and when you touch with the Original Feeling Touch™   the healing process can take place.

The Principle of the Practitioners Heart

Anyone who wants to  support another human being carries a very innocent impulse,inside their hearts, to make a difference, to feel the creativity of what it is to be a human being connected to life. To support the person they are assisting using the skills they sometimes spent many years learning.

Can you see the paradox here? To unconditionally support another like the embryonic fluid does, but at the same time honor the innocent practitioner’s heart. A practitioner if he or she wants to touch like the embryonic fluid has to become life supporting life. Any sense of being separate to life of being someone who will fix another will not be the Original Feeling Touch.

How to do this? how to do, not doing and become life supporting life?  This is what Original Feeling Touch™ addresses and it’s the evolution of my work with Chi Nei Tsang. It’s the most exciting creative development in my life so far and I’m so happy to share it with all of you.



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