OFT Level 1: The Four Stages of Healing:

This two day training lays the foundation for anyone that wants to learn OFT and eventually qualify as an official OFT Guide

What you will learn in this the training with Andrew and other qualified OFT teachers.

The 4 Stages of Healing.
(Please note these 4 stages were first introduced into the world by Gilles Marin of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute in Berkley California.)

  • 1. Awareness: Of the need for change, growth, and more enjoyment of life (This is the level of symptoms that are painful and don’t make sense) This is often when people come to RECEIVE OFT
  •  2. Confusion: As we awaken and release hidden emotional charges in our body but don’t yet know who the new person  is we are becoming (This can be a challenging phase and its why all OFT GUIDES have been trained in how to support and validate this stage)

  •  3. Breakthrough: As new energy and experiences flow into our life, body, and mind. The energy that was once used to keep trauma and painful experiences hidden from conscious awareness is now available for more enjoyment in life.

  •  4. Integration: As we ground the new being we have become into our daily experience
    (This 4th phase is also challenging, because friends, family, and society may resist the new being you have become and will often relate to you as your energetic old self, that is no longer present.


This course is ideal for anyone who is in the healing/educational/support professions. You can apply the healing principles of OFT learned in this course to any other modality with great effect.  Professionals or trainees in the counseling or healing sectors who understand this journey deeply within themselves, can easily honor and respect this journey and support the same process in others.

  • How to give a full OFT session on the back, kidneys, and adrenal system to engender the healing para-sympathetic response of the nervous system.
  • Opening the central channel.
  • How hidden trauma and painful undigested feelings are the root of all chronic disease and chronic unexplained repetitious symptoms.
  • How to manage your life force energy when applying OFT
  • How to apply Inner Smile & when applying touch
  • Introduction to the Taoist Alchemical Energy Body Training
  • Learn The Listening Touch, & The Power of Gentleness
  • How the nervous system of many people is automatically switched to fight, flight or freeze response.
  • How all symptoms are a sign of your soul’s evolutionary impulse to grow and evolve.
  • How to stay emotionally neutral, body-centered, and fully present during an OFT session.
  • How to support and guide people through difficult feelings.
  • Emotional Anatomy from the Taoist Inner Alchemy Approach.

    Inner Alchemy Practices taught to strengthen and ground your energy body so you can be more effective in OFT. 

  • Deep Earth Pulsing Qi Gong.
  • The 9 Cosmic Spirals Qi Gong.
  • Chanting The 5 Elements.

“It’s so wonderful to see that what you are doing really has an impact on the person in front of you – and not in days, weeks or months, but immediately!

After running from one class to another, from one school to another, I had the joy to discover that I don’t need any special instrument to help myself or to be there for someone else and experience their transformation.

And to think that I had all along everything I ever needed: The Listening Touch and the healing principles behind OFT! “Ana-Maria Clopovschi Bucharest


OFT Level 1: The Four Stages of Healing

OFT Level 2: Touching the Essence of You

OFT Level 3: Emotional Alchemy

OFT Level 4:  Embodiment & View of Life