OFT Level 4: Embodiment & View of Life

Embodiment & deeper essence touch on the abdomen along with 5 phase/element diagnostic skills taught by Andrew Kenneth Fretwell. 2 Days Training

The experiences of life impact us all, but how we receive and interpret those experiences depends on our view of life.

Our view of life will be based on many things, including our upbringing our relationship with father & mother, our siblings, the influence of the environment even our ancestors have a very big influence on us through our DNA and genetic inheritance.

If we had to sort through all these influences it could take us decades to really understand our view of life thankfully there is a much easier way. The 5 Phases of Chi/Qi  Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal.

According to the Taoist 5 Phase/Element model of the universe a human being is born with, or develops early in life, an imbalance in the natural functioning of ONE these Five phases.

This imbalance sometimes called the Constitutional Type becomes the underlying cause of symptoms and more importantly perception or view of life.

Interestingly this way of seeing also holds the person’s deepest potential, with this element becoming a guardian for the person’s life. During the course Andrew  will explain and give example of each view and how that view is transformed through awareness.

This way of interpreting/viewing the world will be very close to us and feel so much a part of who we are that when its presented and seen for the first time completely objectively, it will change everything and align us back into a more balanced expression of that one element and therefore effect all the other elements and their expression as well.

This deep way of seeing the world never really leaves us but once we are conscious of its influence a lot more freedom opens up inside of us.

This deeply transformative training with Andrew will focus on developing inner and outer skills to perceive the 5 phases of Chi/Qi. We will understand the essence touch as applied to the different organs. Most of the course will be focused on practical applications along with the theory behind the touch. Andrew will share his 30 years’ experience in interacting with these different constitutional types. 

Training Content:

  • The compassionate listening touch, No Harm No Shame, No Guilt No Blame
  • The deeper essence touch applications for the abdomen.
  • How to develop sensitivity to where the life force is blocked in the abdomen
  • Feeling & intuitively understanding the 5 phases and how they express within yourself and others.
  • The 5 Systems & 5 Phases: Circulatory, Immune, Endocrine, Digestive and Respiratory.
  • The outer and inner virtues of the 5 phases, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal
  • The 5 different types of compassionate touch for each phase and associated organs.
  • Compassionate listening skills.
  • Cognitive maps: We create our own reality with one of the 5 phases of Chi. Stories/Beliefs we continually tell ourselves that are at the core of our View of Life
  • Learn to identify the core phase imbalance and tell yourself and your client’s stories that contribute to wholeness.
    Example for the FIRE phase: “Love is a choice I can exercise moment by moment”


    How to apply  the Inner Alchemy Practices taught in OFT  level 3  Emotional Alchemy to strengthen and ground your energy body so you can be more effective in OFT. 




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