OFT Level 3: Emotional Alchemy


OFT Level 3: Emotional Alchemy 

Red Dragon Spinning Pearl & Fusion of the 5 Elements         


One of the greatest challenges to modern spiritual seekers is confusion over feelings.

Where do they come from?

Why are they so elusive?

Where does negativity come from?

How can we harness feelings to deepen our Soul Realization & Clarity?

Fusion of the Five Elements & The Red Dragon Spinning Pearl are the   two essential daily Inner Alchemy practices for anyone who wants to deepen their ability to be centered and compassionate with their own and others negative emotions.

These two inner alchemy practices are designed to crystallize and ground LOVE & COMPASSION as a centered feeling inside your body, so that you can truly feel like what it is like to embody love rather then just conceptualize about it

It’s one thing to understand Love and Compassion with your intellect as a concept or as a moral compass, it’s a totally different experience to feel it embodied within you as a stable state of being.

The Inner Alchemy practices you learn over this weekend will ground your soul’s wisdom and vibration inside you! (if you practice regularly)

During this weekend course you will learn and experience.

  • How feelings arise, how they control us, why we wrongly worship feelings. 
  • Understand the 5 Elements and how they relate to the 5 outer senses and how these 5 Elements become the 12 meridians of our body/mind and personality 
  • How our shadow and resistance is very often hiding in the positive self-image we have of ourselves. This bouncing back and forth between positive and negative drains our life force. 
  • How negative emotional states are being created by core beliefs about our identity that are not in alignment with our Souls vibration. 
  • How the extremes of negative and positive at the personality level creates internal and external conflict that creates a lot of confusion for our personality’s mind and this has the effect hiding our Soul’s intent for completing our life purpose.
  • How the Fusion and Red Dragon Spinning Pearl practices creates what the Taoists call Soul Clarity within.
  • Learn the secret of “eating and transforming” negative emotional energy, blending it in a “cauldron” at the navel. The yin Fusion practice gently embraces negative emotions and slowly “dissolves” un-centered or dis-harmonious feelings back into the belly center/dantian.
  • How to reclaim the life force hidden and trapped in our resistance and shadow states. 
  • How trapped and stuck negative emotions along with rigid attachment to the positive image we have of ourselves are always at the root of unhappiness and painful physical symptoms.

What you learn to embody on this course will give you a real-world practical tool to transform negative emotions and internal conflicts simply and effectively.

Fusion of the 5 Elements – Emotional Alchemy is the science of transforming your feelings not by repressing them and not by judging them, but by embracing them and claiming back the life force (Qi) that is their source.

In addition to the Fusion practice we will also learn another technique of balancing and centering our emotional body.

The Red Dragon Spinning Pearl. A secret energy technique that until recently has not been taught to the general public, originating from the famous Wu Dang Mountain in China.

In ordinary microcosmic orbit methods, energy (qi) is circulated on the front channel (chest) and the back channel (along the spine). The red dragon’s orbit combines blood (jing) and energy (qi). It penetrates deeper into the body, causing more powerful transformations at many levels.

One of the challenges that every human being face’s is creating healthy boundaries between their inner personal space and what is happening in the public outer space.

The Red Dragon Spinning Pearl orbit creates an energetic “buffer zone” between the two. This is a much saner way to live, and it protects the delicate spiritual changes that need time to evolve within us before we birth them out into the world.

The Red Dragon Spinning Pearl orbit HARMONIZES ABOVE & BELOW.

Tao Cosmology holds as one of its primary principles the correspondence between Microcosm and Macrocosm. There is a famous alchemical maxim that sums this up nicely: As Above, So Below. The Red Dragon orbit links Heaven and Earth within our personal Energy Body.

This means that if we can get our Qi flowing in an orbit pattern locally – IN OUR BODY – that we will be in harmony with the flow of Qi in the larger BODY OF NATURE.

Our body and nature’s body are mirror images of each other, a balanced micro-macro cosmic relationship.  But if we are energetically asleep the forces in our subconscious can act out in wild and disturbing ways.

Ultimately attending this course will start the process of grounding your Souls wisdom and vibration into your life.

Who is this course for?

For anyone who wants a practical and effective tool for managing and transforming difficult emotional states within themselves.

This course is considered essential before the more advanced bodywork and diagnostic training with Andrew, OFT Level 4 – Embodiment & View of Life that will take place in Bulgaria in May 2019.

This Emotional Alchemy courses is required for all OFT students who want to eventually qualify as a professional OFT Guide.

This course is also ideal for anyone contemplating and using the Gene Keys as it will give you a real world tool for transforming the shadows into gifts and reclaiming the energy/life force trapped in the shadows.

This course is also very useful for any professional therapist working in the counselling field as it will build a strong neutral and compassionate energy body.

Please note you do not need to attend OFT level 1 and level 2 to attend this course it is open to all.


  • 1. Q & A
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  • 1. How do I become a qualified professional OFT Guide?


    Take the 4 levels of OFT training listed below as well as all the self study requirements:

    OFT Level 1  The Four Stages of Healing: 1 Days Training
    Taught by Andrew Fretwell and authorized OFT Instructors

    Between OFT Level 1 and OFT Level 2 commit to enhancing your grounding and energy body cultivation by practicing daily:

    Deep Earth Pulsing Qi Gong
    9 Cosmic Spirals Qi Gong
    Chanting of the 5 elements.

    Practice giving OFT: 10 OFT sessions minimum. (non paid)  fill in case study forms for each session
    Receive 2 OFT sessions from a qualified OFT Guide or Instructor.



    OFT Level 2: Touching the Essence of You: 2 Days Training
    Taught by Andrew Fretwell and authorized OFT Instructors

    Between OFT Level 2 and OFT Level 3 commit to enhancing your grounding and energy body cultivation by practicing daily:

    Bone Breathing Meditation.
    Deep Earth Pulsing Qi Gong
    9 Cosmic Spirals Qi Gong

    Practice giving OFT: 10 OFT sessions minimum. (non paid)  fill in case study forms for each session
    Receive 2 OFT sessions from a qualified OFT Guide or Instructor.


    OFT Level 3: Emotional Alchemy
    Only taught currently by Andrew Fretwell

    Between OFT Level 3 and OFT Level 4 commit to enhancing your grounding and energy body cultivation by practicing daily:

    Red Dragon Spinning Pearl
    Fusion of the 5 Elements

    Practice giving OFT: 10 OFT sessions minimum. (non paid)  fill in case study forms for each session
    Receive 2 OFT sessions from a qualified OFT Guide or Instructor.


    OFT Level 4: Embodiment & View of Life: 2 Days Training
    Only taught currently by Andrew Fretwell

    After attending this course you will be a probationary OFT Guide. It means you need to get some real world experience under your belt. Andrew and  experienced OFT  Instructors will be available to mentor you during this time. You will also be invited to an online private group space  where you can discuss and ask questions of Andrew and other Probationary OFT Guides.

    ****IMPORTANT********  All Probationary OFT guides are required to have a daily inner alchemy practice

    Give 10 (minimum) probationary OFT Sessions (can be paid) and fill in case study forms for each session

    Qualification and Testing for professional OFT Guide Status

    Attend OFT Level 4: Embodiment & View of Life for a second time with Andrew. and take  your final exam during the weekend. You will now be a fully qualified OFT Guide with the opportunity at a later date to become an OFT Instructor.

    To maintain your OFT guide status you are expected  to deepen  your study of OFT & Inner Alchemy by studying with Andrew or other Inner Alchemy teachers at least once a year.

    Please note: All official qualified OFT Guides and Instructors receive automatically a 50% discount on any further training's with Andrew.

  • 2. What is Original Feeling Touch, OFT?

    OFT - Original Feeling Touch - is a holistic approach to therapeutic touch. It catalyses amazing and often dramatic lasting healing using non intrusive unconditional touch. Touching the essence of you.  It includes abdominal essence touch techniques to support people in understanding the core soul intent behind painful life experiences and repetitive symptoms in life.

    The key to healing lies in discharging and completing the hidden energy bound up in our nervous system and in trusting our body’s own natural ability to heal, even when relating to extreme events that were traumatic and  lie far back in the past, including soul memories. The body does not really live in linear time, so an event in our childhood feels  like its present today for the body especially if the energy of that event was not completed  and digested.

     OFT was developed by Andrew Fretwell for freeing the vital life force energies that are bound up in trauma, undigested energetic charges. These charges end up creating a life of repetition rather then clarity and the ongoing growth and deeper levels of fulfillment that are natural for human souls.

    Human reactions to threat are instinctive and biological, and only later do they become psychological and cognitive.

    This accounts why many people can have cognitive awareness therapy for years and years and understand everything that happened to them, but still not have completed the underlying charge stored in the nervous system and cells. It’s only when the energy has been released and completed at the physical level can we say real healing and change has taken place.
    In all cases of Trauma there are three possible responses three innate survival strategies: The flight, fight and freeze (immobility) responses.
    You can observe this very simply walking along a road with friend enjoying life when suddenly a loud bang happens right next to you, it’s the cars exhaust!.... but your body is reacting much faster than the cognitive awareness and most peoples body can freeze up and tighten and is ready to evade danger…..until you see there is no danger."  You then discharge the energy naturally, perhaps laughing nervously and/or your body shaking. This reaction is actually very healthy and can save your life much more effectively then the rational cognitive brain.

    Essence touch to the abdomen  is always included in OFT sessions but only after the nervous system has fully relaxed and entered the para-sympathetic healing state. This is taught in OFT Level 1

    The OFT approach first consists of the deep relaxation of the body and a clear understanding of the 4 stages of healing/growth that every human being experiences.

    The OFT  essence touch is applied on the back, spine and the adrenal glands, to deeply relax the nervous system and create a deep feeling of safety and trust in the receiver of OFT. It’s the core strength of the OFT approach, becoming so relaxed and safe that we allow ourselves to feel deeply during the OFT essence touch on the abdomen, without the minds involvement. OFT GOES TO THE ROOT OF ALL SYMPTOMS




OFT Level 1: The Four Stages of Healing

OFT Level 2: Touching the Essence of You

OFT Level 3: Emotional Alchemy

OFT Level 4:  Embodiment & View of Life