Welcome: I experience my outer role here in this physical dimension, as a Soul Alchemist and spiritual fulfillment facilitator for anyone who needs crystal clear clarity about the unconscious repetitive patterns coming in from their ancestral / family line GENE KEYS, and the unconscious repeating patterns arising from the stellar mind. Spiritual lineage patterns EVOLUTIONARY SOUL ASTROLOGY


Alex & Gary Cousins Bali


Its been the experience in my own life and of the people I mentor, that once we are aware of all the influences on us we can start to make choices that are free and spontaneous in the moment. This is true freedom.

Your Immortal Soul, your original innocence, is a pure shard emanation of source and is always the choice point in the center of all these influences.

Our Souls, just like source are the neutral center where we can always respond to life.  That response (choice) will either be one of Love or Power. All Souls incarnate to this slow-moving physical dimension to learn about free will and the consequences of choice. So it behooves us to know about all the influences so we can make freer choices aligned with our own unique expression of Love

In my mentoring with you, I will be explaining clearly to you the archetypal energetic blueprints that you were born with,  I use a  combination of Gene Keys, Evolutionary Soul Astrology, and Taoist Bazi, (The 4 Pillars of Destiny). to bring crystal clear clarity to you. Every session with me is uniquely tailored to your needs.

I can work with you on multiple levels. Some people only need clarity on the emotional wounding patterns of their childhood and want to cultivate a loving relationship (GENE KEYS). I can also focus in on worldly fulfillment and destiny using Evolutionary Soul Astrology & Bazi.

Before I start any of my mentoring sessions I make a sincere prayer to be of service to your soul.

Let’s be clear here, you unfolding your Souls potential by becoming aware of all the influences on you really means inner fulfillment. So many people get to the end of their life without truly unfolding their Soul’s potential.

This potential is the quiet voice of your Soul inside that lets you know what you expect for yourself.  No one really finds peace until they start listening to and expressing this quiet voice of the Soul.  It’s my deep intention with these mentoring sessions for you to have a clarifying breakthrough in the understanding of your own Soul’s purpose.

My proprietary approach is completely different from any regular coaching you may have done before because with this work you bypass the mind and any doing. This is all about relaxing more and aligning your personalities will with your Soul’s intention and getting clear on how you undermine your potential by unconscious reliance on energies and strategies that just keep life repeating.

My expertise is based on over 35 years of living and understanding these energetic Soul blueprints.

Let’s be crystal clear! I will explain and clarify your Soul’s evolutionary intent but you will do the inner work and start making different choices using your free will as to where you focus your energy.  Everything comes down to your use of will and choice.

I can deeply clarify for you all the energetic patterns and why things keep repeating that just do not make sense.

If you want even more detailed information about how this works please read my latest article on social media

Every one of us has one master key element or phase of the life force that if cultivated internally will bring the whole personality into alignment with your Soul’s intention for this life.  Most people go through life totally unconscious of this one master key and so your Soul has to initiate repeating patterns in the outer world and this is where the frustration and lack of clarity come from for our personality that is not aware of this deeper need.

Your Souls Evolutionary Purpose:  These mentoring sessions with me are incredibly clarifying and simplifying, they are also supportive and validating of where you are right now. By diving deeper together and addressing Soul Intentions especially what I call  “stellar mind or oversoul” imprinting, you will be able to see how your current life choices are offering you a great opportunity. You can read more about this here.

I also use extensively the Gene Keys profile to clarify the childhood and ancestral wounding patterns that are always chosen by our Souls to encourage growth. I support you in seeing the connection between these wounding patterns and your Souls primary intent for this life.

Often times our personality simply re-creates what’s familiar, not necessarily whats evolutionary aligned and whole for us. Soul Mentoring with me unveils the ‘why’ in these patterns and offers insights and guidance into your Soul’s evolutionary intent, enabling one to self empower and create a reality reflecting the Soul’s deepest intention.

When you align with your Soul’s intention, synchronicity unfolds! Every one of us longs for this flow in our inner and outer life. Aligning with the Soul’s intent is how you do this. Mentoring with me will save you years of experimentation and confusion.

MP3 Audio recording included. Mentoring takes place in a totally private zoom video room

90 mins with an additional  30 minute follow up 10 days later to make sure you are on track.

To schedule, an appointment with me select the calendar link at the bottom of this page.


“When I first met Andrew, I recognized in him a kindred soul who has discovered the quintessence of life. Because we also share a similar background, having studied with some of the same Taoist masters, we have both reached the same understanding of the importance of love as an embodiment.

Andrew carries that spirit everywhere he goes. He truly embodies the principle of selfless service. In addition to this, he is one of the very few people I have ever met who has a gift of physical touch that I would describe as Divine. Whoever you are, listen to and learn from this man. He has great wisdom and sensitivity that you will only very rarely come across in this life. ”  Richard Rudd, Founder Gene Keys, United Kingdom

“Working with Andrew is a powerful step into both your shadow and light. This container brought a life long and what showed up to be generation-long trauma and went out of the 90 minutes with material so profound that I wouldn’t hesitate to say genius. With Andrew, you not only meet the Gene Keys but first and foremost Andrew´s direct downloading from Above. The session set in motion a series of inspired actions in my private & professional life. My unlimited recommendations.”  Helene Krenchal, Denmark

Truly amazing mentoring session, with Andrew so deeply clarifying and helpful. Andrew really has the wisdom, understanding, and the gift of bringing you into the awareness of subconscious patterns, and guiding you into having a better understanding of your life lessons and soul purpose.”  Ivelina Dineva,  Bulgari

Meeting and getting to know Andrew has been nothing less than a powerful up-level to my entire life. In my personal relationship with myself. In my relationships with others. His heart, passion, and gifts have helped me immensely. Many times, his words during our mentoring session have been like a sword penetrating my heart in the most beautiful way. His presence has been a salve to my soul. And his friendship has been one of the most comforting gifts I have ever received.”    Charlie Widmer,  USA

“I’m so grateful for my mentoring session with Andrew. He creates such a loving, safe space to discuss the Soul’s path. Our session felt as though I was being given divine ‘permission’ to Be who I am, and to believe what I have deeply known to be true. I highly recommend his work as a way to more readily understand and embrace your own Soul’s journey.”   Alexa Grey Kurtz, USA

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