The Listening Touch


The Listening Touch is one of the key components of the OFT approach to getting to the root cause of all painful symtoms As soon as we are listening we are in a place of mystery, we have entered a space where anything is possible.

To listen with all our senses is an art and is incredibly healing for someone to be on the receiving end of that sort of listening.

A listening touch is received by the body as an unconditional touch, it feels like love pure and simple.  It takes time to develop this sort of trust, because the mind wants to do something or wants to see a result.

Listening is a beautiful thing, Often we think of listening as just auditory, but its actually much deeper then this. We can listen to subtle vibrations and we can listen with our touch.

In Taoist emotional anatomy the quality of listening is related to our kidneys and gentleness. Gentleness is the “De”  of the Kidneys (De is a Chinese word that translates as virtue.)

All human beings are born with  inherent virtue. So by learning OFT you actually bring forth these virtues from the deeper dimensions of yourself.

The Listening Touch is deeply paradoxical because  it seems the less you do the more is achieved its the very essence of simplicity and healing.

This listening is also applied to our everyday life, in fact by by deeply listening inside ourselves we become aware of countless realities within

When you attend your first OFT COURSE expect to  explore deeply this idea of listening. Any practitioner of any healing art  will deepen his effectiveness by listening with gentleness.

When we are listening, not just with our ears, but with all of our senses, then that touch is unconditional. Listening means, no intentions, no judgments, only listening to what is present right now, and what is present is Life.”    Andrew Kenneth Fretwell OFT Founder and Devloper

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