Is there really such a thing as BALANCE?

balanceWhen we look at a human life unfolding is their really such a thing as BALANCE?

For me all of life including human consciousness is always evolving.

Contemplate that when we were small children, we had to learn to tie our shoelaces. .In the beginning it was frustrating but eventually we got it, and we integrated it till it become natural..  Oh and then there is riding the Bike!

What about your first date? Did you feel calm and balanced and at peace?

Human beings are always evolving and moving towards their next step in their evolution. Often the reason we get sick or get stuck in repetitious painful emotional patterns is because life is always asking us to evolve, so feeling a bit of unbalance is actually very natural and healthy to human life.

This is an important principle in OFT and something all teachers and guides should have compassion towards within themselves and the people they share OF with.

Often to make that next step we need support we need awareness, and we need the trust of all our past to see that life is not about it always being peaceful and balanced. In fact most of growth was born out of challenges.

I think it was Tony Robbin’s who said the amount of joy you feel in your life is directly related to the amount of uncertainty you can allow in your life.


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