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The incredible achievements of Emotional Alchemy are presented to you by Andrew Kenneth Fretwell – one of the leading Teachers of Inner Alchemy in the world today. With over 35 years of experience as a Taoist practitioner, he is known for his mastery and ability to convey these deeply transforming practices in an accessible and understandable way. 

He is the founder and creator of the innovative and revolutionary healing method Original Feeling Touch. Also called “family constellations” for cellular memory, because it is so effective inthat it helps everyone to transform the unconscious family traumas that each person carries, which hinder the development of our soul potential. Andrew Kennth Fretwell also has a private counseling practice around the world, where his main area of focus is supporting and clarifying people’s understanding of their Souls’ evolutionary purpose for this life. You can read more about Andrew and this Program, as well as opinions from his students here.

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Humans are emotional beings. We are gifted with the ability to experience emotions; to get excited; to cry and we are the only creatures that can laugh.

Often, however, emotions make us unhappy. We feel devastated or hopeless – and we define the emotions that make us feel this way as “bad” or “negative.”

We think that if we lose them, we will be happy and have the life we dream of However, the ancient Taoists were of a different opinion. They said that “negative emotions” did not exist. In fact, they thought that these emotions, which we had not been able to express, were truly “negative” and harmful. Continue reading…

These are emotions that stay with us for a long time and that we can’t “dare” at all; we cannot reconcile with them, nor express them, nor forget them. However, holding back these unexpressed emotions and feelings, we tend to repeat them in an endless and pernicious vortex that drags us to the bottom of an emotional abyss, turning our lives into hell.

The Taoists sought to achieve a state called “clarity” related to our adequate response to the present moment. Each of us has had such recurring, obsessive emotions that often become chronic – dissatisfaction, anger, grief, anxiety, feeling victimized… We live with these emotions and feelings as a background on which our whole life is played out. What hurts us and makes us unhappy, however, is not the very experience of these emotions, but their endless repetition. The only thing we can do to get out of this vicious circle is to stop the recurrence. This is the key to our freedom and joy of life!

Practicing Emotional Alchemy, we have a very powerful and extremely effective tool for achieving this goal. Its essence is precisely this – to reveal these recurring patterns and stop their endless repetition. Our goal is to achieve (and maintain) the state in which to give a calm, neutral, sober and adequate response to what is happening in the world around us, and not to rush to react unconsciously. To be more conscious and centered; to live our lives with clarity and ea

Emotional alchemy is based on the ancient and proven Taoist theory of the Five Elements (also known as the theory of the five Jin Shen or the five spirits of the body) – fire, water, metal, wood, earth. Each element is a separate flow of energy, corresponding to a particular emotion and organ of our body. They have their own needs and ways of expression, which we learn to recognize and balance by implementing the practices shown in this Emotional Alchemy program. Continue reading…

When these five elements are not in harmony, we experience this state as internal conflicts and tensions, often leading to disease of the physical body. Our goal as human beings, if we want to live healthy and to our full potential, is to get to know each of these elements and make them exist in sync and harmony, so that we experience satisfaction and enjoyment of life. Through Emotional Alchemy and the Theory of the 5 Elements, we can begin to better understand our own emotional and mental bodies and learn how to deal with more negative feelings and thoughts, as well as how not to be attached to the positive ones.


The online program for working with emotions contains a series of seven separate courses, which make up the entire program “Emotional Alchemy”. You have the opportunity to buy the entire Emotional Alchemy course – now for only £95.00, instead of £145.00 !

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