Chronic Stress – Is it Personal?

Chronic stress is very deeply felt in your cells. Chronic stress is a collective phenomenon that all of humanity shares. I walk along the beach here in Marbella and I see that stress driving everyone. If you asked these people are you stressed? They would probably answer no. To be aware of stress you have to align with the earths natural rhythms and timing. In all OFT Part 1 Courses we teach Deep Earth Pulsing Qi Gong. A simple way to align with the  Earths Qi field.

Our bodies naturally are in tune with the earth once we shift are focus from the mind to the body we naturally slow down and the breath deepens and slows.

Once we slow down then the emotions arise, the old beliefs that drive us will be very obvious, and life will arrange to free you as you slow down. Life will bring events that challenge these old beliefs.

The main belief that gets triggered as you slow down is……Can I trust life totally? So totally that I know longer need stress to live my life but can relax and enjoy the journey.

When you receive OFT you slow down and become much more body centered you also see the mind clearly. OFT is for this time in humanity’s evolution. We don’t need to be fixed, we need to slow down and feel more. We need to drink in the beauty of life as it arises in the natural pauses of the day.

As we slow down the nervous system enters the para sympathetic state and our bodes naturally heal and move towards natural relaxation.

I envision a future when if we are out of alignment with the resonance of the earth and nature we will just go meet some friends and sit in their aura for a while and let our selves tune to them. This is the power of the human aura to radiate out in all directions and impact those close to you.

The power of the collective human aura is very powerful you can notice this very clearly in airports. Its very rare in an airport to see people relaxed and in tune with the earth, everyone is driven. Next time your in an airport have some fun, see if you can slow down and smile and radiate peace to the collective aura.

By the way. I’m not saying stress does not have a higher purpose. It does! Its here to wake us up to what is not stressful which is life itself.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Tao De Ching

So the point of stress is to wake us up to our own power to live as nature.


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