1. Wood Phase of the life force (Qi) representing growth and vision.

    Reactive repeating chronic feelings:
    We have the need to always be right and often get into disagreements. We often feel superior to others, or feel that life continually cuts us down.

    Virtue of the Wood phase: We have a more objective and flexible view of all of life, we can be kind and courteous in the face of others anger, unfairness and superiority. We recognizes that just because we have been given a view of truth in our peak moments, we continually strive to bridge the gap between our earthly nature (Personality) and our divine nature (Soul)

  2. Metal Phase of the life force (Qi) representing  clarity and inner stregnth.

    Reactive chronic repeating  feelings: 
    We often feel sadened by life and give up, or we are constantly looking for outer significance and affirmation.We can be very cynical and superior or expereince depression.

    Virture of the Metal  phase:  We experience courage and self-belief in our uniqueness and our connection to source, which we hold with integrity and righteousness, recognizing where the breath of life truly comes from, with no need to prove ourselves to anyone. In Metal we recognize that we are lived by life and we renounce the need to take anything personally.

  3. Earth Phase of centering and balancing
    Reactive chronic emotions: We worry and take everything that happens to us personally we lose touch with how safe and supported we truly are
    Fused true inner power:  We trust and have no doubt that everything that happens in life is for our own evolution. We know life happens for us not to us
  4. Fire Phase of maximum expansion
    Reactive chronic emotions:  One experiences him or herself as a victim who has been betrayed, wounded, and traumatized. We often feel impatient and out of sync.
    Fused true inner power:  We experience unconditional acceptance (universal  love) and respect and love all beings
  5. Water Phase of  maximum Yin
    Reactive chronic emotions:  We seek certainty and personal power because we are afraid of the change that is natural in life This need for certainty can make us aggressive or can cause us to collapse whenever we are afraid.
    Fused true inner power:  We have a storehouse of creativity available to us from our inner world, we can easily allow and feel our fear but no longer let it govern our decisions in life. Freedom from fear is more important to us than personal power that is motivated by fear

What a simple map, really. Yet so deep, such a marvellous tool for discovering who we truly are. Who could imagine that buried underneath all these seemingly imbalanced tangle of negative chronic emotions lies their very own redemption.

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