Can a man give birth? Probably not to a baby, but men are always giving birth to ideas and dreams. One of the reasons we need a woman in our life is for us to understand what it is to really nurture a new life (dream).  Woman instinctively and biologically understands this with their whole being.

Men are always giving birth to something we have over 200 million sperms in each ejaculation. ( THAT’S A LOT OF NEW LIFE) I got to thinking on this, It’s is a little like all the ideas that pop through a man’s head in any day about what he could create.

Men have to dig deep into their hearts and find their TRUE DREAM that which their heart longs for most, then he can watch the woman in his life and see how she cares for life for every little thing, such care and love in every act.

A man can learn how to incubate his deep dream in the womb of his heart he can learn how to nurture it even in his daily activities by giving it utmost care and respect. Most men allow their daily activity’s to suck the marrow out of his dreams.

If as a man you find yourself bored or overwhelmed with your daily activities it has nothing to do with the daily activities but probably because you lost touch with your deepest dream.

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