Are you asking the right questions?

Questions are so powerful and we use them all the time. The interesting things about questions is they always produce answers and I would say the most important question you can ever ask is…. How do those answers make me feel? Because how we feel is what determines the actions you take in your life.

I love this quote by Tony Robbins
“Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”– Tony Robbins

What is your primary question you ask? You know the one you always ask when things go wrong or not how you would like them to turn out.

There is a question you are asking that is determining and guiding your life – you’re asking it right now and you don’t even know it, and this question is creating most of the outcomes in your life.

Try this experiment go back over your life and look at the most challenging moments in your life when things fell apart. What question did you keep asking over and over again to yourself?

Here is mine.

Whenever anything went “bad” or “wrong” my question was always How can I do better? How can I improve myself? `That a lot of pressure to put on myself 🙂 and there is also a hidden question hiding underneath those two outer ones.
Am I good enough as I am?

So time to ask some different questions my friends. My new questions these days is.
How does it get any better than this?
How can I enjoy even more the amazing creativity that is life expressing through me?

See what feelings those questions create inside of me and yuo. For me they create a lot more possibility and a lot more faith in the greatness of life. See what I mean about questions changing your feelings, and then feelings lead to actions.

So what is your question you are always asking yourself and how would you change it to be more empowering?

Please let me know. send me an email or come and tell me in person when I visit your part of the world

Right now you can just contemplate your primary question and by shifting that you will feel less conflict inside

Great Questions Can Help You….
1. Find Inspiration.
2. Gain a new understanding/perspective.
3. Make it happen/Move yourself or another person to action.
4. Move Past Obstacles/Focus on solution rather than problems.
5. Provide a deeper sense of meaning for your life, mission, art…

Poor Questions Can…
1. Focus purely on the problem and not the solution—it makes the problem bigger than it really is.
2. Make you feel limited or resourceful—it puts you in a stuck state where you don’t feel like you accomplish anything, be creative, or make any progress.
3. Create endless loops. Like, “Why can’t I get this right?” If you ask questions like these, you can come up with endless answers and never know for sure what things really do mean.
4. Sabotage any future ideas, successes, or visions.

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