OFT: A New Paradigm for Health in the 21st Century

An introduction to OFT -Taoist Inner Alchemy & Emotional Healing

In all  OFT Part 1 Courses, we cover these basic principles of healing/growth/evolution.

  • Feelings are not rational and cannot be solved
  • We feel what we feel for very good reasons otherwise we would not feel them.
  • We literally grow our Soul by digesting a wider and broader range of feelings developing more maturity and independence from any outside authority –
  • A real definition of Change is:  “I used to feel this way,  (when…. fill in the blanks)  now I no longer do” –
  • We have never been given role models for how to be with difficult feelings. –
  • The emotional solar plexus center in human beings is and will continue to undergo a genetic transformation.
  • There is a huge amount of life energy stored in our physical body as hidden emotional charges waiting to be digested

During all OFT courses  we will use the Taoist 5 Elements to understand the 5 different Intelligence of our body/mind:

  • Wood: I Think Therefore I am  =  Rational Intelligence
  • Fire: I Know Therefore I am   =    Intuitive Intelligence
  • Earth: I Do therefore I am      =    Practical Intelligence
  • Metal: I Feel Therefore I am  =    Feeling Intelligence
  • Water: I Dream Therefore I am = Dreaming & Instinctual Intelligence

We need all 5 types of Intelligence working together to be fully human. The earth element takes center stage and mediates all the other needs of the Psyche

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