A LIMITED VIEW OF HEALING – Its broken, it needs fixing!

In our society we have a very limited view of healing. In our collective unconscious we have embedded an archetype of the rescuer or healer who will heal us instantly.

In many instances this is perfectly natural for example being in a traffic accident we need the amazing interventions of medical science. And its often a miracle of amazing intervention and rescue.

Where we get caught out is we believe at a very deep level that if we can intervene in a road traffic accident then it apples to all symptoms . Of course this is just not true……. Depression is a very different symptom to a road traffic accident but we basically approach it in the same way.

“Its broken, it needs fixing !” And hence we now have in many western countries the very strange and dangerous practice of prescribing anti depressants to very young children

We can basically say that western medical sciences strength is in emergency intervention and diagnostics and when it moves away from that it losses its effectiveness very quickly and ends up only masking and driving symptoms deeper

For example there is not one chronic illness that western science heals it only masks and drives symptoms deeper. If you compare that to something like Chinese medicine which is a much more holistic approach Chinese medicine has a very good track record with chronic conditions because it aligns with the natural healing process of the body rather then fighting chronic symptoms and seeing them as wrong.

Now whats interesting is that many many so called natural, holistic  and spiritual new age approaches to healing have at their core a sense that somehow applying a technique or approach will magically shift the symptoms.

There are many such approaches in the new age marketplace talking about higher frequencies that will instantly heal you and things like this. In many cases people are drawn to the instant healing approach understandably so when your in pain. But in my experience, and anyone who has been on a deep healing journey will tell you for most of us its not like this.

Here is a very simple example: Your single and you are pretty effective at being single, then you get married and now you have to balance and harmonize another person in your life .

I dare anyone to tell me that that is an instant process and suddenly your healed and you can easily adapt in that relationship,. No your experience tells you its an ongoing journey of evolution.

This is how we evolve by digesting life’s experiences and integrating them. In this way we grow our soul and learn. Chronic symptoms although very painful, just mean we are ready to digest more of who we are.

This quote by Chi Nei Tsang Master Giles Marin, goes to the heart of the healing principles behind OFT

“There is no intelligence required for healing. To heal, we don’t need to be intelligent, we don’t need to be good, and we don’t need to deserve it. Healing is pure grace. To heal, we do need honesty. We need to be true to ourselves. We need to be able to admit that we have feelings we wish we didn’t have. We need to own these feelings so we can outgrow them, and so we can mature as human beings.”

Anyone who has gone through a genuine healing process knows that its not just the elimination of painful symptoms but a shift in your whole orientation towards life. Literally every cell in your body transforms, your relationships change, your mental concepts change its a holistic shift involing every area of your life

Every human evolutionary journey moves through 4 phases of healing/evolution/growth

1. Awareness: Of the need for change, growth and more enjoyment of life (This is the level of symptoms)

2. Confusion: As we don’t yet know who the new person is we are becoming (This is a challenging phase unless you have gone through and honored this phase yourself in your own journey through life)

3.Breakthrough: As new energy and experiences flows into our life, body and mind.

4. Integration: As we ground the new being we have become into our daily experience

(This 4th phase also is challenging because friends, family and society may resist the new being you have become and will often relate to you as your energetic old self that is no longer present.)


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