When we listen to Jesus or a Buddha their message is very simple.

When we listen to Jesus or a Buddha, or any great being their message is very simple.

You are already what you are looking for. You are already free and everything  you’re looking for is within you .

This message has been shared with us so many times and yet we still don’t really believe it, don’t live it, don’t accept it,. If we really believed it, we would all be free and we would all be living in paradise. Something inside human beings would rather listen to the opposite then to trust a great being, why is that?

Think about it, if you or I go to a doctor and he shares that he has some bad news you absolutely believe in the doctor and you go home and prepare for the worst. It’s not just outside authority’s like doctors and the media or any expert, its’ also your own mind your own negative predictions. And yet if a great being someone absolutely living in freedom tells us, you are perfect, relax fully into the consciousness you already are, we somehow don’t want to believe it, Its not true?

Could it be that simple that easy?

So why is that we dont want to beleive it?

What was transmitted to me today in WuJi Gong is that this is a collective fear stored in our DNA. The deep fears we all experience is stored genetically in our very physicality, its deeply embedded in our cellular memory.

Ascension or realizing your freedom is really a journey inwardly and descending into the  depth of your physicality the basic building blocks of humanity your genes and DNA. It’s not about leaving the body.

This is probably the biggest misunderstanding about what enlightenment or ascension really is. Yes once you recognize who you really  are you realize you are much more then the body, but to do that you first have to consciously choose to descend into the depths of the body.

This is what all the myths and epic hero journeys share, that before liberation, before the happy ever after, there is always a descent into the underworld.

Its why I’m passionately sharing  WuJi Gong and OFT  because they are both so amazing at connecting people with what’s actually happening in their body right now.

We all have to penetrate our awareness, our Shen, into our depths what the Taoists call the Jing and release the light trapped in our personal, ancestral and collective unconsciousness.

The biggest fear we all store collectively is that we are separate that we are alone  that we are cut off from love. Only by facing this fear with absolute awareness and gentleness can we heal this collective wound in humanity’s DNA

The  more of us that do this consciously and with full awareness , the more we assist each other in accepting our Buddha nature right now

With Love  and Gratitude Andrew

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