The Difference between Wealth and Prosperity

The Difference between Wealth and Prosperity

The Pearl is a revolutionary tool that makes the very important distinction between wealth and prosperity. According to The Pearl, what wealth really represents is the stockpiling of money out of a deep fear or insecurity about life.

The thinking behind wealth goes ‘when I have enough, then I can do what I really want’. Thus wealth represents a mindset that postpones happiness and fulfillment rather than embracing it in the here and now.

Prosperity on the other hand is a flow that is based upon the eternal laws of giving and receiving. To prosper is to be continually giving and therefore continually receiving. Nature abhors a vacuum. Therefore the more you give the more you will receive. In this respect, there is in fact nothing more unnatural than wealth.

What every human being is really seeking therefore is not wealth, but prosperity. Whereas wealth causes stagnation at all levels and can directly lead to disease and unhappiness, prosperity is a state of surrender – it is an eternal flow and a deeply felt trust in life.

Prosperity looks at life as an interwoven quantum field, which cannot separate any one area of your life from another. If your finances are healthy but your relationships are not, you are not therefore prospering. Prosperity must touch every level of your life – it must touch your love life, your friends, your parents and your children.

This is precisely what the Pearl does – If you have an illness, the pearl will address it, if you are short of funds, the pearl will correct it, and if you are lonely the pearl will resolve it. There is no aspect of your life that is not reached by the Pearl.

The Pearl uses money as the entry point into the deep issues that prevent prosperity from occurring in our lives. Once you have touched the Pearl inside your own being, you will be amazed at how simple everything suddenly becomes.

The Money Triangle – Simplifying your Life

At the heart of the Pearl lies a beautiful and very simple technique known as The Money Triangle. The triangle has a deep mystical association with money, and even today if you turn over a dollar bill you will find it has an image of a pyramid on the back. The Money Triangle is essentially an individualized map of the ideal flow of prosperity in your life. It represents a genetic sequence deep inside every human being that if followed out clearly leads to true prosperity.

Many profound and far-reaching revelations emerge from a study of your Money Triangle, but above all, it distills your greatest strengths into a universal life formula that is pure simplicity and elegance.

Below are some of the insights that are central to the Pearl teachings:

The Truth about Prosperity – 7 myths about money

1. Prosperity leads to Simplicity and Wealth leads to Complexity

The beauty of Prosperity is that it makes your life lighter. It invites you to shed weight – the weight of opinions, the weight of low self-esteem, the weight of seriousness, the weight of all that extra stuff in your life that takes up so much of your valuable time. Cultivating prosperity therefore involves a simplification of your life. This is the opposite of Wealth, which increases your baggage, your responsibilities, your worries and the amount of time you must spend keeping all those balls in the air at the same time. Contrary to popular belief, Wealth makes your life more complicated on all levels.

2. Prosperity is Lucidity. Wealth is Anxiety.

The Pearl is a teaching about how we use our mind. The pace of modern life has most of us in its thrall as we rush headlong from one responsibility to another – the unwitting victims of a widespread chaotic and anxious mindset. As you come to understand the beauty of your own Pearl Sequence, you begin to see life with a new crystal lucidity. Life suddenly becomes so simple. Moving with a different pace and centred in an easy-going rhythm, your mind functions as nature intended – without clutter and with a piercing clarity.

3. Prosperity flows from Love

It was only later in my journey of understanding the Gene Keys that I saw the Golden Path and its three magical sequences. That the Pearl comes after the Venus Sequence is a thunderous revelation for us all. Prosperity only comes about once we have learned how to heal our own heart. Indeed, Prosperity is the by-product of an open heart. Once again, the hunger for wealth is a great distraction from the path of heart. How can you heal your heart, which needs softness and patience, when you are chasing a phantasm that possesses your mind for most of your day? Prosperity flows from Love.

4. Prosperity is of the whole being. Wealth involves only the material plane.

Prosperity must involve the fullness of your life. How can you prosper if you are not healthy? How can you prosper if your relationships are not fulfilling? How can you prosper if you are not deeply connected to a sense of purpose? When your heart opens through the Venus Sequence to reveal your Pearl, you will have already realised how lucky you are to have discovered this greatest secret – that it is love that buys you time, not money.

5. Prosperity is Philanthropic

This is such a huge part of the Pearl revelation – the universal law that to receive the true wealth of nature and life, we must give back to life. The philanthropic approach must be at the heart of your business model, rather than just an add-on. A heart-based approach to business is so revolutionary and rebellious in today’s marketplace that it cannot fail to attract the allies and resources necessary for your dream to become real.

6. Prosperity is Relative

Knowing your Pearl is to know what the most natural form Prosperity will take in your life. One person’s Prosperity is to have as little as possible in order to live a life of clarity and simplicity, whereas another person may harbour a deep dream of service that requires substantial resources. Another person may require resources just because they are here to celebrate their good fortune with others. There are many forms of Prosperity. Your Pearl indicates the style of your good fortune. Prosperity is unique and relative to each one of us.

7. Prosperity is to know the Essential in life.

This final insight from the Pearl teaching is perhaps the most profound of all. We must know what matters in life and live according to that realisation. If our quest for more takes us away from the only things that really matter, what good is it doing us? On their deathbed, most people think of only two things – the value of the life they have lived, and the people that they have loved. In the Gene Keys Golden Path, these two are the foundations of Prosperity – a deep sense of Purpose (your Activation Sequence), and the preciousness of your relationships (your Venus Sequence). These are the essentials in life. The Pearl reminds us over and over again to come back to the essential.

Ask yourself then, this one simple question, and be brave in your response:

How are you spending the lion’s share of your precious time?

If you are inspired by the above, please consider enrolling in the Golden Path Program and let these teachings enter your life and bring about the transformation that leads to your style of Prosperity.

My Warmest Wishes to you all,

Richard Rudd

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