When we were very young we expressed naturally and authentically, there was no effort or trying, our expression flowed from our soul into our human heart and out into the world.

At some stage in our childhood or even later years, we met many strong experience of a blocking of this natural expression,  and we experienced the pain of self doubt, shame,.anger, sadness, and withdrawal.

Because we did not have the validation, support or maturity, we could not digest these experiences, so the wisdom and intelligence of our body hid this trauma deep inside of us out of conscious awareness.

What was most needed at these times, when our natural innocent expression was shamed or judged, was an aware conscious enlightened parent or dear friend to take us up in their arms and hold us with all their love and whisper in our ear.

“I know it hurts so much and I want you to know that whatever conclusions your making right now about your future it’s NOT TRUE. You are an infinite unlimited being, your nature is love and you can always trust your natural expression.”

Receiving the unconditional support and touch of OFT and the validation of very painful feelings allows our body to access deeply held trauma in a very safe supportive way. Receiving OFT is so very gentle but extremely transformational.

During the OFT session, Andrew held a space for me in which I could process the most traumatizing experience in my life and literally get it out from my body. All the suffering was hidden there and during the OFT session I could let it go. With Andrew’s support, I stepped into a place that allowed me to relive the pain of that moment, without pity, without judgement, he just was there for me and after that my body knew what to do.

Days after the session, I could still feel the work that my body is doing and the energy that was released. Thank you, Andrew, for the most amazing experience and for just being there for me!   Roxana Staniloaie

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