What is Original Feeling Touch?

OFT – Original Feeling Touch – is a holistic approach to therapeutic touch. It catalyses amazing and often dramatic lasting healing using a very unique touch.

It takes Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) the Taoist abdominal techniques first introduced to the west by Mantak Chia to a far deeper level of effectiveness and simplicity. Andrew has been Senior Instructor in the Universal Healing Tao  System for over 25 years.

OFT is based on the time tested principles of Taoist Inner Alchemy energy body training.



Chi Nei Tsang is always included in all OFT sessions but only after the nervous system has fully relaxed and entered the para-sympathetic healing state.

OFT was originally developed by Andrew Fretwell and is the result of 35 years’ experience. Andrew has literally felt thousands of bodies under his hands, as well as training many students in Chi Nei Tsang and later OFT.

The OFT approach first consists of the deep relaxation of the body and a clear understanding of the  4 stages of healing/growth that every human being experiences.

The OFT touch is applied on the back, spine and the adrenal glands, to deeply relax the nervous system. It’s the core strength of the OFT approach, becoming so relaxed and safe that we allow ourselves to feel deeply without the minds involvement.  OFT GOES TO THE ROOT OF ALL SYMPTOMS