OFT Level 1: The Four Stages of Healing:

OFT Level 1: The Four Stages of Healing:

This one day training lays the foundation for anyone that wants to learn OFT and eventually qualify as an official OFT Guide

Covered during the one day training with Andrew and other qualified OFT teachers.

The 4 Stages of Healing.

  • 1.Awareness: Of the need for change, growth and more enjoyment of life
    ( This is the level of symptoms that are painful and don’t make sense) This is often when people come to RECEIVE OFT

  •  2. Confusion: As we awaken and release hidden emotional charges in our body but don’t yet know who the new person  is we are becoming (This can be a challenging phase and its why all OFT GUIDES have been trained in how to support and validate this stage)

  •  3. Breakthrough: As new energy and experiences flows into our life, body and mind. Energy that was once used to keep trauma and painful experiences hidden from conscious awareness is now available for more enjoyment of life.

  •  4. Integration: As we ground the new being we have become into our daily experience
    (This 4th phase also is challenging, because friends, family and society may resist the new being you have become and will often relate to you as your energetic old self, that is no longer present.

This course is ideal for anyone who works in the healing/educational/support professions. You can apply the healing principles of OFT learnt on this course to any other modality with great effect.  Professionals or trainees in the counseling or healing sectors who understand this journey deeply within themselves, can easily honor and respect this journey and support the same process in others.

  • How to give a full OFT session on the back, kidneys and adrenal system to engender
    the healing para-sympathetic response of the nervous system.
  • Opening the central channel.
  • How hidden trauma and painful undigested feelings is the root of all chronic disease and chronic  unexplained repetitious symptoms.
  • How to manage your own life force energy when applying OFT
  • How to apply Inner Smile & ho’oponopono principles when applying touch
  • Introduction to the Taoist Alchemical Energy body training
  • Learn The Listening Touch, & The Power of Gentleness
  • How the nervous system of many people is automatically switched to fight, flight or freeze response.
  • How all symptoms are a sign of your soul evolutionary impulse to grow and evolve.
  • How to stay emotionally neutral, body-centered and fully present during an OFT session.
  • How to support and guide people through difficult feelings.
  • Emotional Anatomy from the Taoist Inner Alchemy approach.

    Inner Alchemy Practices taught to strengthen and ground your energy body so you can be more effective in OFT. 

  • Deep Earth Pulsing Qi Gong.
  • The 9 Cosmic Spirals Qi Gong.
  • Chanting The 5 Elements.

“It’s so wonderful to see that what you are doing really has an impact on the person in front of you – and not in days, weeks or months, but immediately!

After running from one class to another, from one school to another, I had the joy to discover that I don’t need any special instrument to help myself or to be there for someone else and experience their transformation.

And to think that I had all along everything I ever needed: The Listening Touch and the healing principles behind OFT! “Ana-Maria Clopovschi Bucharest


  • 1. Q & A
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  • 1. Whats is the difference between Chi Nei Tsang & OFT

    The main difference is in the 1st level training, (OFT Level 1) which focuses on relaxing the nervous system.  The OFT touch is applied to the spine, kidneys and adrenals to allow the Chi Nei Tsang  to go far deeper when the abdomen is finally touched. The OFT touch on the back is directly impacting the water element.

    This approach is based on Andrews many years of experience with Chi Nei Tsang where he noticed that it took a long time with Chi Nei Tsang for people to feel safe enough to feel without the minds involvement. Andrew developed OFT so that the Taoist Inner Alchemy healing principles behind Chi Nei Tsang could be experienced first hand, rather then being taught intellectually.

    The other main difference is that when you are learning the Chi Nei Tsang on the abdomen in level 2 and level 3, Andrew is sharing what he has found to be most effective over many years of his own practice. There is less emphasis on learning many techniques and manipulations and more on developing sensitivity and embodiment of the healing principles that are at the root of lasting change.

  • 2. How do I become a qualified OFT Guide?


    Take the 3 levels of OFT training listed below:

    OFT Level 1  The Four Stages of Healing: 1 Days Training
    Taught by Andrew Fretwell and authorized OFT Instructors

    Between OFT Level 1 and OFT Level 2 commit to enhancing your grounding and energy body cultivation by practicing daily:

    Deep Earth Pulsing Qi Gong
    9 Cosmic Spirals Qi Gong
    Chanting of the 5 elements.

    Practice giving OFT: 10 OFT sessions minimum. (non paid)  fill in case study forms for each session
    Receive 3 OFT sessions from a qualified OFT Guide or Instructor.


    OFT Level 2: Chi Nei Tsang – Extraordinary & Lasting Healing: 2 Days Training
    Taught by Andrew Fretwell and authorized OFT Instructors

    Between OFT Level 2 and OFT Level 3 commit to study and practice daily

    Red Dragon Spinning Pearl Microcosmic Obit
    Bone Breathing Meditation 

    Practice giving OFT: 10 OFT sessions minimum. (non paid)  fill in case study forms for each session
    Receive 3 OFT sessions from a qualified OFT Guide or Instructor.

    OFT Level 3: Chi Nei Tsang View of Life: 2 Days Training
    Only taught currently by Andrew Fretwell

    After attending this course you will be a probationary OFT Guide. It means you need to get some real world experience under your belt. Andrew and  experienced OFT  Instructors will be available to mentor you during this time. You will also be invited to an online private group space  where you can discuss and ask questions of Andrew and other Probationary OFT Guides.
    ****IMPORTANT******** All Probationary OFT guides are required to have a daily inner alchemy practice

    Give 10 (minimum) probationary OFT Sessions (can be paid) and fill in case study forms for each session

    Qualification and Testing for official OFT Guide Status

    Attend OFT Level 3: Chi Nei Tsang View of Life for a second time with Andrew and take  your final exam during the weekend. You will now be a fully qualified OFT Guide with the opportunity at a later date to become an OFT Instructor.

    To maintain your OFT guide status you are expected  to deepen  your study of OFT & Inner Alchemy by studying with Andrew or other Inner Alchemy teachers at least once a year.

    Please note: All official qualified OFT Guides and Instructors receive automatically a 50% discount on any further training's with Andrew.

  • 3. What is Original Feeling Touch, OFT?

    OFT - Original Feeling Touch - is a holistic approach to therapeutic touch. It catalyses amazing and often dramatic lasting healing using non intrusive unconditional touch.  It includes Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) the Taoist abdominal techniques first introduced to the west by Mantak Chia. It's been Andrews experience that OFT  has a far deeper level of effectiveness than Chi Ne Tsang alone.

    The key to healing lies in discharging and completing the hidden energy bound up in our nervous system and in trusting our body’s own natural ability to heal, even when relating to extreme events that were traumatic and  lie far back in the past, including soul memories. The body does not really live in linear time, so an event in our childhood feels  like its present today for the body especially if the energy of that event was not completed  and digested.

     OFT was developed by Andrew Fretwell for freeing the vital life force energies that are bound up in trauma, undigested  energetic charges. Human reactions to threat are instinctive and biological, and only later do they become psychological and cognitive.
    This accounts why many people can have cognitive awareness therapy for years and years and understand everything that happened to them, but still not have completed the underlying charge stored in the nervous system and cells. It’s only when the energy has been released and completed at the physical level can we say real healing and change has taken place.
    In all cases of Trauma there are three possible responses three innate survival strategies: The flight, fight and freeze (immobility) responses.
    You can observe this very simply walking along a road with friend enjoying life when suddenly a loud bang happens right next to you, it’s the cars exhaust!.... but your body is reacting much faster than the cognitive awareness and most peoples body can freeze up and tighten and is ready to evade danger…..until you see there is no danger."  You then discharge the energy naturally, perhaps laughing nervously and/or your body shaking. This reaction is actually very healthy and can save your life much more effectively then the rational cognitive brain.

    Chi Nei Tsang,  is always included in OFT sessions but only after the nervous system has fully relaxed and entered the para-sympathetic healing state. This is taught in OFT Level 1

    The OFT approach first consists of the deep relaxation of the body and a clear understanding of the 4 stages of healing/growth that every human being experiences.

    The OFT touch is applied on the back, spine and the adrenal glands, to deeply relax the nervous system and create a deep feeling of saftey and trust in the receiver of OFT. It’s the core strength of the OFT approach, becoming so relaxed and safe that we allow ourselves to feel deeply during Chi Nei Tsang, without the minds involvement. OFT GOES TO THE ROOT OF ALL SYMPTOMS





OFT Level 1: The Four Stages of Healing

OFT Level 2: Chi Nei Tsang – Extraordinary & Lasting Healing

OFT Level 3: Chi Nei Tsang View of Life

OFT Level 4:  Certified OFT Instructor