Sofia Bulgaria: The Gene Keys Profile & The Sacred Purpose of Our Shadows

February 21, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
0877 95 41 95

The Gene Keys Profile & The Sacred
Purpose of Our Shadows

 “When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.” – Dalai Lama

Bringing Light to Shadow is True Personal Empowerment.

During this practical lecture Andrew will share his own experience in transforming the shadows and how it has completely enriched his life.

He will explain that by courageously meeting the shadows with compassion that we will each connect with the wisdom and vibration of our Souls. This is the real purpose of embracing the shadows. To bring more of our Souls wisdom vibration into this physical dimension.

How is the vibration of our Soul experienced at the personality level?

Absolute unflinching, unashamed inner self-knowledge
. & Absolute unflinching, unashamed inner self-acceptance that is not based on anything external.

Your Immortal Soul is learning through watching your personality confront fear and in time learning to let go into love. Every Soul understands the need to love and accept all aspects of the Self.


During this lecture:

  • You will learn how by embracing the shadows you can create lasting inner prosperity in your life and feel a deep sense of inner purpose.
  • How the shadow is not our enemy! It’s a dear and trusted friend who will guide us to complete our Souls mission in the world. This in the beginning is quite hard to understand Andrew will explain why it’s the only way to complete our life and overcome our fear of change and death which is the ultimate change.
  • How painful shadow states are created by very powerful false beliefs about who we think we are.
  • How our Shadows are very often hiding within the positive self-image we carry of our self. We will use the Gene Keys profile to explore this in depth for ourselves and how each line’s positive self-image is really a shadow in disguise.
  • How are shadows can become far less intense when we recognize that by allowing and accepting them we invoke our higher purpose in our life.
  • Understanding how the Siddhis are experienced in the eternal now and shadows are always experienced in liner time.
  • How to apply the Taoist Inner Smile to invoke our Siddhis and embrace our shadows.

Some simple home-work before attending this lecture.

Say the below affirmations over and over again. When you say them feel that these words are coming from your Soul at a much deeper dimension that is living in eternal time.

Forgiveness always happens in the present moment.

I forgive myself and others for all perceived wrongdoings, known and unknown to me in this lifetime and all lifetimes.

I forgive myself for the many ways I have denied my own divine light and sought to deny the divine light in others. AMEN.









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