Sofia Bulgaria: WUJI GONG & Fusion of 5 Soul Forces – Emotional Alchemy

October 21, 2017 @ 10:00 am – October 22, 2017 @ 6:00 pm
Mariela Taskova
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WUJI GONG & Fusion of the Five Elements: Emotional Alchemy
Life Transforming – Emotional Alchemy

“One of the greatest challenges to modern spiritual seekers is confusion over feelings. Where do they come from? Why are they so elusive? Where does negativity come from? How can we harness feelings to deepen our soul realization? Fusion of the Five Elements- Emotional Alchemy is an amazing spiritual technology that reveals the secrets of our mind and emotions that are essential to progress on any path. It is truly a gift from Tao to humanity to restore harmony.”  Michael Winn

****Pre requisites:***** To attend this course you must know the WuJi Gong form, even better if you have committed yourself to a daily practice before this weekend.

Emotional alchemy is the science of transforming your feelings not by repressing them and not by judging them, but by embracing them and claiming back the life force (Qi) that is their source.

Getting clear & centered deep in your body Is what Fusion meditation is all about. Even when your whole outer world around you is falling down and in chaos, your regular training in emotional alchemy will keep you centered and in a less reactive place. Emotional Alchemy is all about understanding the difference between reactionary feelings and in the moment responsive feelings

Taoist in Depth Psychology connects feelings with the sensations and chi (Qi) flow in the body. Now instead of trying to understand your feelings, you for the first time feel then without judging them. This is the real secret hidden in Emotional alchemy deep acceptance of the wisdom of the life force in creating these reactive feelings for our Souls evolution and growth.

If there is one secret to Emotional Alchemy it’s SLOWING DOWN. Our emotional body is incredibly fast and volatile so part of the weekend course will be devoted to getting deeply grounded in our body.


What you will learn to embody.

* Learn a practical way to stay emotionally neutral while being body-centered and fully present – and still feel what is happening in any situation. “Neutral” is way to describe “centered”, a neutral feeling space from which we can express strong feelings – without falling into the illusion that temporary feelings make up our self-identity.

* WuJi Gong as a ceremonial fusion practice. Learn to hitch a ride on the 5 powerful earth dragons of mother earth that have a direct relationship with our five inner “body gods” Using the ceremony of Wuji Gong you can over time diagnose which of your 5 Shen is most calling out for your original spirits ( Yuan Shen) love and acceptance.

* Open up communication pathways between the five inner “body gods” of our heart-mind (“xin”) and your outer sensory perception. These are the five spirits or vital organ intelligences embodied in our heart, spleen-pancreas, lungs, kidneys, and liver. We learn how to reverse the chi normally flowing out our tongue, mouth, nose, ears, and eyes so that it flows instead inward to nourish the inner organs.

* This one simple technique can cure the exhaustion that plagues so many people! Instead of constantly spending energy out your senses, you absorb chi into your sensory and vital organs from the larger chi field of the environment. What used to be “stress” is now “food that recharges”.

*Elevate the harmonizing power of your Inner Smile to a deeper level. Smile to your body spirits, support them in turning the wheel of the “creation” (sheng) cycle, the pattern of nourishing chi flow between the “five sub-personalities” of our inner soul team. This deeper, more collective Inner Smile allows us to shape the flow of archetypal forces hidden within the sacred space inside our body

* Explores how feelings arise, how they control us, why we wrongly worship feelings, even in the context of personal relationships. This draws a clear distinction between Taoist Depth Psychology and most popular forms of western psychology. Western psychology is mostly based on managing feelings; feelings are the “highest authority of the psyche”. Fusion is based on contacting the Qi underlying our Original Feeling, beyond the feelings of the personality. This allows us to shape the Original Qi matrix underlying our feelings, thoughts, and sensory perception.

* Where does our “dark side” come from? This course details the developmental pathway of the Five Body Spirits (“wu jingshen”) from the pre-natal realm of the Original Spirit, how they emerge at birth and gain power in childhood. It is a major revelation to discover how our very own body intelligences begin as guardians and end up as “the Resistance” creating struggle, disease and failure in our adult life.

Learn the secret of “eating” negative emotional energy, blending it in a “cauldron” at the navel. The yin Fusion practice gently embraces negative emotions and slowly “dissolves” un-centered or dis-harmonious feelings back into the belly center/dantian. ~

*Practice a powerful method for absorbing the hidden innate virtues that connect you to Original Spirit and the Tao. Even if you have not been very loving or kind in life, this allows you to tap into the infinite ocean of potential love, kindness, wisdom, strength and trust and accumulate their essence in your body-mind. What you absorb inside you will later radiate out into your life.

*You’ll learn to fuse the soul essences that control your destiny into a single radiant golden “pearl” – the first stage of allowing your true self to embody and express itself from the space of Original Feeling. This process is the foundation for the higher alchemy formulas.

Pre requisites: To attend this course you must know the WuJi Gong form, even better if you have committed yourself to a daily practice before this weekend.
Additional recommended requirements: It’s a preference to also know the Inner Smile & The Red Dragon Spinning Pearl Orbit.