Whitney Houston’s Soul Intent
My approach to Astrology is based on Evolutionary Astrology, I do not give you more information for your mind I
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The Shooting in Las Vegas
The below video by a psychologist on BBC news, goes deeply into the importance of validation of feelings after having
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What is Original Feeling Touch?
OFT – Original Feeling Touch The key to healing lies in discharging and completing the hidden energy bound up in our
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Pluto & The Souls Evolutionary Intent.
“The below information is inspired by Jeffery Wolf Greens  extensive work on evolutionary astrology. This along with the Gene Keys
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A LIMITED VIEW OF HEALING – Its broken, it needs fixing!
In our society we have a very limited view of healing. In our collective unconscious we have embedded an archetype
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The Listening Touch
The Listening Touch is one of the key components of the OFT approach to getting to the root cause of
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How to really change at the cellular level
Ever notice how your closest relationships can trigger certain movements of energy that feel very uncomfortable even life threatening? These
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Why Study OFT?
“It’s so wonderful to see that what you are doing really has an impact on the person in front of
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